Here are some frequently asked questions about SUNVUE.

We know that you will have lots of questions about pergolas. Hopefully this section will help answer some of them. Why not book a free onsite consultation.



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What is your structure made out of?

Our unique aluminium framing system is designed by us for both strength and design.

All of our pergolas are custom built to suit your wind zone and your desired area.

What colours are available for powder coating?

We can powder coat your pergola any colour you choose in the Dulux powder coat range.

All of our structures are coated in the Dulux Duralloy system unless otherwise stated.

For sea spray zones we recommend the Duratec coating system.

Check out the Dulux Colour Chart for more information.

How big can I build without requiring a permit?

In most regions you may construct a pergola up to 20 m2 without requiring a permit. A 5.0 metre x 4.0 metre structure falls within these guidelines.

How much does a permit cost?

This all depends on the area that you live in. Different councils have different rates. As a budget figure you need to allow $4,000 - $5,000 for a permit.

You will require engineering and a permit to proceed. We are happy to facilitate all of this on your behalf.

Will this block out the light from my house?

The short answer is no it will not. There are roofing options of clear or tinted product for various applications and outcomes.

What about U.V. protection?

Our roofing panels will block out up to 99% of those harmful ultra violet rays making our pergolas a safe place you and your loved ones.

Can I get shade from your pergolas?

The more light the structure lets through the less shade that you will get. The darker the material on the roof the more shade you will get. You cannot get shade from something that you can easily see through. We do however have some systems that can offer you the best of both worlds for the changeable seasons.

What is your lead time?

This can depend on volume however we can usually install in 3 – 4 weeks from the date of ordering.

How long does it take to install a SUNVUE?

We can normally install in a day, however sometimes due to the weather or the size and complexity of your pergola it can take 2 days.

How much does a SUNVUE cost?

We have pergolas that start from $6,000 upwards. The price of a pergola depends on the size and the materials used in construction.

Do you require a deposit?

A 50% deposit is required before we can proceed in manufacturing your SUNVUE pergola.

What is your warranty?

Check out our warranty page for more information. 

Where are you based and what areas do you service?

All of our fabrication and powder coating is done in Tauranga and from there we service the greater Bay of Plenty area, Auckland and surrounding areas, the Coromandel and Waikato areas.

Do you have representatives based in Auckland?

Yes we do have people based in Auckland to service your requests.

Do you install the pergolas or just manufacture them?

We have a team of people that both fabricate and install our beautiful pergolas. We will handle the process from the initial contact to installation.

Can you supply a kitset?

We can offer a kitset and ship it as a flat pack to you. If you are outside the Auckland, Tauranga, Hamilton regions we can assist as well.

How do you keep it clean?

A SUNVUE pergola is easy to clean. We recommend periodic cleaning using a soft bristle, extendable handle brush and light detergent or car washing soap. Never use harsh cleaners and abrasives! Simply wash and rinse clean. Check out the Dulux Maintenance Guide for more helpful tips

How do we order a SUNVUE?

Simply fill out the form on the contact us page (link) or call us toll free on 0508-SUNVUE (786-883) to book a free onsite consultation and we can take it from there.

How many ranges of pergolas do you do?

How many ranges of pergolas do you do?

The Aurora Series

The Aurora Series

The Aurora Series

The SUNVUE Aurora is our premium range of pergolas. The Aurora has an aluminium framed structure that has a single pitched roofline. We can build gable rooves if required.

Our roofing panels are a 6 mm thick acrylic that blocks out 99% of the harmful U.V. rays. You have a choice of clear or grey tint

The acrylic panels give you the appearance of glass without the disadvantages of glass (weight, cost, lack of U.V. protection)

The SUNVUE Aurora range in price from $9,000 – $13,000

All prices include GST, supply and installation

Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor Blinds

Ziptrak® is the future in exterior blind systems. Combining a unique guide system which ensures protection from all weather with ease of use.

No ropes, no zips, no straps, no buckles.

Ziptrak® are unbeatable in quality guided track blinds. It can be a cumbersome and time consuming task putting blinds up and down. Ziptrak® track guided blind system takes out all the hard work and leaves you with perfect shade, wind and UV protection and an elegant blind that will enhance the look and feel of your structure; home or business.

Timber Pergolas

Timber Pergolas

Timber Pergolas

SUNVUE is pleased to offer a system that will allow us to weatherproof that existing timber pergola. Perhaps you have never had a roof over your existing pergola, SUNVUE can assist in creating the weatherproof, sun safe area you have always wanted.

In some cases we can fix directly to your timber rafters.

We can also incorporate our unique span bar design into your timber structure.

Everything we build is custom designed to complement your setting and your lifestyle.

Louvres & Outdoor Accessories

Louvres & Outdoor Accessories

Louvres & Outdoor Accessories

The SUNVUE range includes high quality Louvres and other Outdoor Accessories. Everything we build is custom designed to complement your setting and your lifestyle.

Contact us to learn more about the other products we offer to complement your SUNVUE Pergola.

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